Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Scaffolders Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Scaffolders Guide to Personal Protective Equipment
For Scaffolders, working at a great height comes with a bigger risk, especially during the time of scaffolding erection. For this specific reason and safety of the workers, scaffolders are mandated to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and it has been made mandatory by the United Kingdom Government to protect the workers from any harm.

As per the report published in 2020 by National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), NASC President Lynn Way said, the scaffolding work accidents have reduced from 28% to 21% and fall to death accidents have reduced from 22 to 12.

Apart from just Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), there are 8 scaffolding safety tips to know, which helps every scaffolder work with caution.

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What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Personal Protective Equipment is commonly referred to as PPE. It’s a set of equipment that are mandated to be worn by the scaffolding workers. It includes earplugs, eyewear, safety harnesses, hard hats, steel toe shoes, etc… These personal protective equipment are meant to protect a scaffolding worker from accidents or from harm’s way.

How to ensure proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

It is mandatory for every scaffolding company to ensure that their workers are wearing scaffolding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, prior instructions about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  before getting back to work and necessary inspections, have made great difference in protecting the workers.

Although there are numerous complications in protecting the workers just with scaffolding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), it needs self awareness. That’s why we believe prior instruction and inspection can create awareness among workers before starting to work in scaffolding.

Note: As per the United Kingdom Government, it’s a workers personal right to ask for a safer work environment

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Scaffolders Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Scaffolders Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Hard Hat

One of the common accidents that happen around construction sites, is an object or debris or tools falling off over someone’s head. To ensure the safety of workers and reduce these accidents, Hard Hat is used to protect the head of workers in the construction and scaffolding work environment.

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Steel Toe Boots

Steel Toe Boots are slightly heavier than normal boots, however it’s a non-slip boots, which is a must for every scaffolding worker. This Non-Slip Steel Toe Boots help scaffolders to work and move around the scaffolding platform without the need to worry about slippery surfaces. Also, it reduces the risk of stumbling and falling, as well as it protects your feet from falling objects.

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | High Visibility Clothing

High Visibility Clothing is the necessary dress code in the scaffolding working environment. When working at great height, only the colour of the dress will be the most visible to the people or managers on ground. Only Luminous Yellow and Orange is widely used in scaffolding work environments.

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Safety Harness

In order to minimize the risk of falling while working in scaffolding, it’s important to make sure you’re wearing a safety harness. With Safety Harness, you can attach yourself to the scaffolding platform, so in case you slip or trip, a safety harness attached to the scaffolding platform will save you from falling.

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Protective Gloves

Scaffolding work involves lots of moving in and around the scaffolding platform. Due to this, wearing protective gloves helps you have a firm grip in climbing or holding onto a scaffolding platform. It also helps you have a firm grip in the tools you use.

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Eyewear/Goggles

Scaffolding workers need to wear safety goggles to be safe from debris or objects or tools harming their eyes. The face and eyes are the most vulnerable part of the body, so it’s important to wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be safe from accidents.

Scaffolding in Ayrshire | Hearing Protection/ Earplugs/ Earmuffs

Earplugs or Earmuffs are vital to scaffolding tasks, especially when you’re working near the heavy machinery, chainsaw, grinders etc.. Hearing protection is often overlooked, as it can reduce the scaffolders surrounding awareness, which also becomes an imminent threat. In such cases, make sure you’re well aware of your surroundings.

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