Scaffolding Service Near Me: Top 8 scaffolding safety tips to know

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Top 8 scaffolding safety tips to know
Safety is top of all concern, especially when working at a great height. In our blog post “Scaffolding Service Near Me: Top 8 scaffolding safety tips to know” we have explained both the Scaffolding Regulations and Safety suggestions too.

As per National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) safety report published in 2019, there was a rise in 28% accidents in construction and renovation sites due to lack of safety norms in scaffolding. This frequent accidents has been on rise due to lack of following scaffolding safety norms and hiring cheap scaffolding services.

For Example: There are at least 4500 construction accidents per year and at least 2 accidents registered every week.

Cost of scaffolding may vary based on the region and quality, however going for cheap scaffolding services and inexperienced scaffolding experts may cost you more than just money. 

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What is Scaffolding Safety Norm?

Scaffolding Safety Norms is a combination of practices and safety procedures that enforces the proper installation of scaffolding in construction or renovation sites. It involves numerous set of actions including scaffolding erection, inspection, and tagging etc..

Compliance with United Kingdom government scaffolding norms, can reduce construction or renovation workers exposure to imminent risks while working at great heights, roofs, etc..

As per National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) report in 2019, there was a 28% rise in accidents due to lack of scaffolding safety norms. However in 2020, as per the NASC president Lynn Way, the accidents reduced to 21% and fall to death reduced from 22 to 12. This was possible due to following strict scaffolding safety norms in construction and renovation sites.

Most commonly used Scaffolding types

  • Supported Scaffolding – Scaffolding that is supported by poles, frames, etc.. usually consists of one or more platforms.
  • Suspended Scaffolding – It’s mostly used for the painting and plastering work.

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Scaffolding Norms by the United Kingdom Government

According to the United Kingdom Government Scaffolding norms, construction or renovation projects should hire only the competent and well trained scaffolding expert to erect scaffolding.

As per Scaffolding Norms, Once the Scaffolding is erected

  • Scaffolding Experts should inspect the structure every 7 days
  • Should inspect tags and scaffolding structure if there is an alteration, damage or extreme weather condition

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Top 8 scaffolding safety tips to know

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Top 8 scaffolding safety tips to know

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Scaffolding Safety Training

Scaffolding Safety Training is a set of practical training lessons to train the employees in safe use of scaffolding at construction or renovation work. Typical scaffolding safety training includes, scaffolding erection, scaffolding inspection, birdcage scaffolding, etc..  This training helps the workers to work with caution and move around the scaffolding structure without any worries.

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must when working in the construction and renovation sites. Especially working in scaffolding requires you to wear PPE equipment to save yourself from injuries and to claim insurance incase of any injuries.

“As per the United Kingdom Government, it’s a law to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in construction sites

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Weight Distribution

Scaffolding structural design and materials used in scaffolding erection are entirely based on load calculation. However, being mindful in load calculation and weight distribution is mandatory, otherwise using the wrong type of material and design will lead to harm for workers and as well as delay the construction or renovation project.

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Scaffolding Service Near Me: Regulation and Standards

Scaffolding has its regulations and standard procedures to follow incase of a scaffolding erection. However, these standards and regulations vary state to state and city to city. 

Following these norms and regulations helps you prevent accidents in construction or renovation sites and also ensure the safety of your workers.

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Material and Structural Inspection

Before setting up the scaffolding structure, it’s important to inspect the materials to be used. At the same time, it is important to inspect the Scaffolding structure once a week as per the United Kingdom Scaffolding Norms. It’s especially important to make sure the scaffolding structure is in good condition after terrible weather or an alteration to scaffolding structure.

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Scaffolding Erection

Scaffolding Erection is the important part of all, each construction and renovation project might require different types of scaffolding erection based on location, weather, and local norms etc.. It’s important to understand the construction and renovation site requirements, so you could erect the right scaffolding structure. However, it’s also mandatory to have a certified professional to supervise erection and dismantle of the scaffolding structure.

Scaffolding Service Near Me: Scaffolding Tagging

Scaffolding Tagging is one of the safety features to notify workers about scaffolding working conditions.

Three types of colors are used in Scaffolding Tagging;

  • Green Tag – Safe to Use
  • Yellow Color –  There is a alteration going on
  • Red Color – Scaffolding is not completed and not safe to use

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Scaffolding Service Near Me: Scaffolding Safety Requirements, Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be mindful of workers working above you and below all times
  • Understand the load capacity of the scaffold
  • Check the scaffold tags before moving to different scaffold platform
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Use Debris Chutes to lower things from a height
  • Ensure the scaffold planks are overlapping and secured from movement.
  • Use safety belts and lanyards when working at a height of 10feet or above.



  • Don’t leave anything on the scaffold platform at the end of the shift
  • Never overload the scaffold platform
  • Never use unstable objects to balance the scaffolding platform or increase the height to work in scaffolding.
  • Never walk on scaffolds covered in sand, ice, liquids etc..
  • Don’t climb on to the scaffold unless there is work to do so.
  • Don’t use scaffolding during terrible weather conditions.
  • Most importantly, never enter the scaffold if you find planks and scaffold materials are missing.
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