Scaffolding in Scottish Borders | Top 5 basic rules in scaffolding you need to know

Scaffolding in Scottish Border | Top 5 basic rules in scaffolding you need to know
Working and erecting scaffolds requires certain norms to be followed. Here are top 5 basic rules in scaffolding you need to know in order to work and erect scaffolds.

It’s crucial for everyone working in the scaffold to be aware of the safety protocols. Working in scaffolds at a great height is indeed a risky environment, however following safety guidelines and wearing safety equipment reduces the risk of accidents.

Here is How wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) keeps you safe from accidents in Scaffolding workplace?

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Scaffolding in Scottish Borders | Top 5 basic rules in scaffolding you need to know

Scaffolding in Scottish Borders | Use only Professional or Trained employees to work in Scaffolding

Under no circumstances, an untrained worker should be allowed to work in scaffolding. As working in scaffolding poses various risks to workers, it’s important to educate the workers before allowing them to work in scaffolding. The scaffolding workers should know exactly, How to move in the scaffolding platform, which platform should be used, and which shouldn’t be used. 

Most importantly, if the scaffolding worker has no previous experience, then it’s better to make sure they don’t work in the risky places or it’s better to train them and get them certified before permitting them to work in scaffolding.

Scaffolding in Scottish Borders | Prepare the ground to be stable

Before erecting the scaffolding, it’s important to make sure the ground is stable or the surroundings are cleared from obstructive materials. It minimizes the risk of scaffold destabilization. Any obstruction that might lead to accidents or hazard for scaffolding workers should be removed from the scaffolding location or surrounding before the scaffolding is erected.

Scaffolding in Scottish Borders | Maintain Safety and Legal norms while erecting Scaffold

Everyone working in the scaffold must be certified and trained in scaffolding. The materials and the tools used in the scaffolding erection should be chosen carefully. Most importantly, following legal norms while erecting scaffolds will increase the safety of workers and also help workers from hazard risk.

Scaffolding in Scottish Borders | Calculate Load Capacity and add Scaffolding Tag

Every scaffolding platform should be tagged with calculated load capacity, so the scaffolders can carry the necessary equipment within thee load capacity and maintain the safety guidelines. Especially, the scaffolding platforms should be tagged based on their working conditions. 

  • If the scaffolding tag is in Red Color, that’s a No Go Zone. 
  • If the scaffolding tag is in Yellow Color, it’s in working condition or only certain people are allowed with minimum load capacity.
  • If the scaffolding tag is in Green Color, then every trained scaffolder is permitted to work in the scaffolding platform.

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